Fundamentals of Geostatistics
Principles and Hands-on Practice

A Short Course Offered by
Prof. C. V. Deutsch and E. T. Schnetzler, Statios LLC

May 4-7, 2009
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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A four day short course held at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada from May 4 to 7, 2009. This course will cover essential theory and practice of geostatistical modeling for mining, petroleum, and environmental applications; advanced material is covered at an introductory level.

Course notes will be provided. The second edition of the GSLIB book (Deutsch & Journel, 1998) and Dr. Deutsch's new book entitled Geostatistical Reservoir Modelling are available.

The GSLIB software and the WinGslib interface will be used for hands-on exercises

May 4

Overview of Geostatistics for Heterogeneity / Uncertainty
Introduction to Course Software
Elementary Statistical Analysis / Data Cleaning

Declustering for Representative Statistics
Monte Carlo Simulation and the Bootstrap
Coordinate Transformation / Geometric Modeling

May 5

Variogram Calculation and Interpretation
Variogram Modeling
Variogram Scaling / Models of Coregionalization

Volume Variance Relations
Kriging for Mapping Applications
Cross Validation

May 6

Sequential Gaussian Simulation (SGS)
SGS with Colocated Cokriging
Postprocessing Multiple Realizations

Sequential Indicator Simulation (SIS)
Other Cell-Based Facies Modeling Techniques / Image Cleaning
Object Based Modeling

May 7

Connectivity and Ranking of Geologic Models
Model Verification and Cross Validation of Simulation Methods
Quantifying Uncertainty with Indicator Kriging

Simulated Annealing for Geostatistical Applications
Decision Making in Presence of Uncertainty
Case Studies / Tradecraft