WinGslib 1.5

WinGslib is toolbox of Geostatistical software algorithms written for Windows 95/98/NT. It provides a front-end to all the GSLIB programs.

See an overview of the available tools.

Purchase WinGslib

WinGslib works in conjunction with the GSLIB90 executables that you need to have on your disk. The executables can be downloaded separately and should be installed prior to installing WinGslib.

32 bit

64 bit

In addition to the GSLIB executables, we recommend installing a PostScript viewer in order to display the output of the statistical modules (histogram, scattergram, variogram, 2d map, slices, ...). Ghostview is an excellent tool for this purpose. Go to the links pages for information about Ghostview and other useful software.

If you are having problems with the forms while trying to download the software, go to this page.

WinGslib is now free to use for any purpose

Please follow the installation instructions to set up the demo license.


No support is provided for the software. However, we encourage users to send us bug reports and comments that will help us improve it. We plan on making available new versions as we add functionality and debug WinGslib. If you would like to be informed of new releases, please join the WinGslib mailing list.