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Additional information

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Additional modules


Additional modules are in the works. The WinGslib interface shows a number of modules that we plan on integrating in the future.

We will develop the modules based on user feedback, while still working on improving the base module. Here is the list of proposed additions:

Additional utilities
    Accuracy plot
    Average variogram
    Bootstrap in mean
    Bootstrap in correlation coefficient
  Data (2)
    Get data
    Conditional statistics
    Quantiles and cumulative probabilities
    Despike data
    Concatenate data files
    Merge data files by location
  Grid manipulation
    Merge models according to rock type
    Calculations on variables
    Cell volume computations
    Change grid resolution
    Inverse distance estimation
    Probability kriging
    Plot grade tonnage curve
    Scale histograms and variograms
    Scale models to coarser resolution
    Select ore and waster (loss function)
    Report mineral inventory
    Ranking by simple statistics
    Calculate connected regions
    Rank by connected regions
    Rank by connectivity to wells
    Compare ranking