WinGslib - FAQ/Bugs/Support

WinGslib - FAQ/Bugs/Support

WinGslib bug reports
GSLIB bug reports


Help! (how to get)

  • Geostatistical questions/algorithms

    • The first place to look for answers about algorithms in WinGslib is "GSLIB: Geostatistical Software Library and User's Guide. The WinGslib help system does not go in the detail of the geostatistical algorithms in GSLIB. It is available for example on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

    • "Geostatistical Reservoir Modeling" is a good introduction to the subject. Also available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

    • WinGslib contains an online help with a short description of the programs. It is also available online.

    • Send your questions to the WinGslib mailing list. This is the best way to get a fast answer, from other users or from ourselves. We follow the list and will not leave a question unanswered. You are more likely to get a fast answer this way than through direct email to us.

  • WinGslib use
    Download the Getting Started Guide (in pdf format) and its corresponding data.
    In addition, the WinGslib mailing list is the best way to get fast answers.

  • WinGslib problems (installation, bugs)
    First make sure you have the very latest version of the program.
    If the question is of fairly general nature, we suggest you post questions to the mailing list. Alternatively, if you are fairly sure you found a bug, please fill out a bug report.


License problems

I received an email saying my permanent license is attached but I can't see any attachment.

It can happen that we forgot to attach the license file, but in most cases, the problem is that some mail readers don't recognize WinGslib license files as attachment. Check the end of the email for a few lines looking like:

I 120229180013148254197175208079 407063157019125032202156185055227070 115191030174255187028024056181103246173091 '#850 - C0A1E011'

Copy the whole text into a text editor such as NotePad and save that file as wingslib.lic in your WinGslib installation directory (usually c:\Program Files\Statios\WinGslib). If this doesn't work, contact us by email, and attached the wingslib.lic file from your WinGslib installation directory.


When trying to run WinGslib, I get the following error:

Insufficient resources available, possibly out of memory.
Code: C8001007

The problem is due to non-ASCII characters in the user login name or in the computer name. Using only standard ASCII character will solve the issue.


Supported platforms

Will WinGslib work on 64-bit operating systems?

Yes. WinGslib does run on 64-bit operating systems. You will need the proper 64-bit installation.


Will WinGslib work on Windows XP/Vista/7?

Yes. WinGslib runs on all versions of Windows, from Windows 95 to Windows 7.


Will WinGslib work under VirtualPC on Mac?

Possibly... Please contact us to test the license under VirtualPC.


Other issues

Can I try WinGslib 1.5 for 30 days if I my demo license for version 1.4 has expired?

No. Version 1.5 is considered an update to 1.4. Therefore, the demo license for 1.4 will not work if the 30 days have passed.
I have a license for WinGslib 1.4. Can I use the new version 1.5 without buying a new license?

Yes. All you will need to do is download the new version and install it. The license file you receive when you purchase WinGslib will still be valid.


Where can I find more information about WinGslib and discuss with other users of the software?

A mailing list is available:


Do I have access to all the features of WinGslib when downloading it and using it with the demo version?

Yes. It is fully functional in terms of features. It is, however, limited in time and after 30 days, you will not be able to save or run models, or view results.


The program reports that it cannot find the GSLIB executables, what should I do?

You need to download the GSLIB90 executables from the web site in order to be able to run the GSLIB programs. You will still be able to generate the GSLIB parameter files even if the executables are not available.


What is a PostScript viewer?

The plotting utilities in GSLIB (histogram, scattergram, variogram map, ...) generate PostScript files. These files can be sent directly to a PostScript printer or viewed using a program such as Ghostscript. We recommend you install a PostScript viewer (Ghostscript is available free of charge from Aladdin). Check out our links page for a link to the web site.


Which version of GSLIB should I use?

You will need the latest GSLIB90 executables for WinGslib to run properly. This version is 2.907, which has been made available on this web site on May 30, 2000. If you are running an older version or GSLIB77, you should definitely download the new one.


I have found a bug in WinGslib, what should I do?

Fill out the bug report form with as much detail as possible. The form is available on the Bug reports page.


When will the bug be fixed and when will an update be available?

Depends... if it is a major bug, we will work as fast as possible to fix it. A new release will be then made available immediately for download.
If it is a small problem, especially one with an available workaround, we will fix it but possibly wait until we have a substantial improvement over the previous release to build a new version.

WinGslib - Bug Reports

Known bugs and problems with WinGslib. If you experience a problem that is not listed below, please fill out a bug report form.

Description The new plot utility reports that it did not finish successfully when it does.
Date September 20, 2000
Status Fixed on September, 2000. Will be in next release.
Description Opening a window for a new model is slow.
Date May 28, 2000
Status Fixed on June 1, 2000
Description It is not possible to import parameter files with an empty field for the title (PostScript plotting programs).
Date May 18, 2000
Status Fixed on May 18, 2000
Description On Windows 95/98, it is not possible to save parameter files.
Date May 16, 2000
Status Fixed on May 17, 2000

GSLIB - Bug Reports

Known bugs and problems with GSLIB90. If you experience a problem that is not listed below, please fill out a GSLIB bug report form.

Description sgsim does not take into account secondary data correctly
Date December 2004
Status Fixed on January 3, 2005.
Description gtsim stops with:
run-time error F6205: WRITE(D:\a.out)
- A edit descriptor expected for CHARACTER
Date September 19, 2000
Status Fixed on September 20, 2000.
Description kt3d stops with:
run-time error M6104: MATH
- floating-point error: overflow
Date September 19, 2000
Status Fixed on September 20, 2000.


Support options are available through email for WinGslib. Please send a mail at for information.