WinGslib Help

WinGslib is an interface to the GSLIB programs contained in the book written by Deutsch and Journel published by Oxford University Press, second edition, 1997. The latest FORTRAN 90 GSLIB programs with dynamic memory allocation are used. WinGslib is an interface to these programs; the GSLIB programs are executed by WinGslib . WinGslib is a product of Statios LLC (see www.statios.com for corporate information).

In summary, WinGslib allows import and export of the traditional GSLIB parameter files to and from a user interface. The user interface permits straightforward modification of the parameters, execution of the programs, some error checking, and linkage to visualization. A project structure has been used that permits users to specify a default location of data, parameter files, and output files. The project structure simplifies organization and provides default locations; however, the user has the flexibility to use data from any input directory and write results anywhere.

WinGslib provides an interface to all 39 GSLIB programs with all options enabled. The options in GSLIB are there for a reason and WinGslib recognizes all of them. The programs are accessed through six menus:

  1. data manipulation
  2. postscript plots
  3. variograms
  4. kriging
  5. simulation
  6. post processing

This organization is consistent with the chapters in the GSLIB book.

A help system is available for WinGslib and all GSLIB programs. The idea behind WinGslib is to provide a user interface to aid in the use of GSLIB on a PC. There is no direct help that would teach geostatistics. The user must have an understanding of how the programs are used together to undertake a geostatistical project.

The main WinGslib window provides three views:

Other features of WinGslib include:

Data, parameter files, rotation angles, grid definition